Kash Pourdeilami

Hello there- I'm Kash (Khashayar) Pourdeilami. I'm currently working on Terrene. With Terrene, you can load any data from any data sources and run predictive analytics on it.

Companies across all industries are struggling with integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning in their products and workflows. Currently, their only viable option of doing that is building it in-house with open-source software and lots of custom code. On average, they have to devote a dedicated engineering team to six months of development time to collect, connect, and model their data. Even after the initial launch, a two-person team is required to maintain and extend the project; a fairly serious commitment.

Apart from extremely rare cases, none of them needs to be doing that since most of their needs are the same, however, they keep building the same system over and over again simply because there’s no other alternative.

Terrene cuts down the initial setup time from 6 months to less than 5 minutes and requires no maintenance. We will automatically pick the most important features from the connected data set and train a model around it. We will then expose that model over an API endpoint that can be used to classify, estimate, and cluster new data points.

Purpose of This Blog

I'm gonna be using this website as a tool to write up the things that I'm across that I find interesting while working on Terrene! It is mostly intended for friends, and family to know what I'm up to but I also want to.

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